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Our Founders
Hayati and Hadiye Cakir

Our founders Hayati and Hadiye Çakır have started innovative initiatives exemplary for the  country. With their visionary perspectives, awareness and sensitiveness to the problems of the society they live in, they always took action with courage to be a part of the solution. 


In 1993, they established Çakır Schools in Bursa, where they conveyed their 40 years of teaching experience and brought innovative reforms to education system. At Çakır Schools, students are promoted for  academic, physical, social and emotional growth. They are  being encouraged for critical thinking, creativity, and respect for diversity. They are trained to be leading  exemplary citizenship for the community, nation and world.

With the same sensitivity Çakır family, sensed the challenges coming for the agricultural sector increasing demand but the limited production capacity.  To improve the local economy they started Vegevital indoor vertical farming facility at Dikili Bergama in 2005 with a capacity of ?? tones of production.  Vegevital offers consistent pesticides free, high quality, delicious products  all year round for 18 years and exports tomatoes to many countries. 


Our Mission

To produce residue-free, hormone-free and high quality soilless agricultural products with low carbon footprints. 

To follow   the latest technological innovations in agriculture 

To protect the planet resources with sustainable, natural production methods.

Our Vision

To bequeath to the next generation a knowhow and a feelhow of sustainable ecological farming method. 

To grow high quality, completely clean natural products with high end technology and 

innovative farming methods. 

To be a great part of a solution for a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable future.


Our Quality Policy

Aligned with the mission and vision of our company,  the quality management approach adopted by all our business partners is to adhere to ethical values and legal principles, with a human-oriented, innovative and continuous development perspective.

Vegevital Greenhouse Facilities focuses on

innovative and high end technology principles, 

the guaranteed quality of tomatoes, environment and human health

management of the quality systems 

Quality-oriented employees, working conditions and continuous training programs

 research and development in the and for the  agricultural field 

Pesticide-free, clean production

Beyond all we know,

Good production can only be by good hands with precious hearths and innovative minds. 

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