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Our products are produced with soilless farming technique. Soilless agriculture is where the supply of nutrients needed by the plant is provided by a special nutrient  liquid.

NO  dangerous pesticides threatening human health as at traditional soil farming!

Hoogendorn automation system - combining irrigation and fertilization with the drip irrigation system

Biotechnical and biological solutions  to fight against diseases and pests. 

Chemicals only used for last resort approved for organic agriculture and licensed by the Ministry of Agriculture 

Ozone generator used for sterilization 

 CO2 fertilization system to  increase the yield and the quality of the produce


We provide natural environment protection by using whitefly, which has become the main problem of bunch tomato production, and especially Nesidiocoris, which is a predator with its larvae. Thus, we reduce the risk of residue to zero by reducing the frequency of drug use and disposal to the lowest possible limits.


Pollination of our plants is provided by pollinator bumblebees. In this way, the fertilization process is carried out by completely natural methods.

There is also an ozone generator used for sterilization in our facility and a CO2 fertilization system that plays an important role in increasing the yield of the plant and the quality of the product.

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